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FollowFormation & Wong Fu Productions present “Wong Fu Friends”

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FollowFormation, meet Wong Fu Productions, a growing independent production group. Sharing their roots at UC San Diego, friends and dormmates Wesley Chan, Ted Fu, and Philip Wang started making internet videos in 2003. Today, their Youtube videos have a combined 38,000,000 views; they are #73 all time most subscribed on Youtube.

They are one of the most successful examples of using “new media” to promote their works. From Youtube, Twitter, to Facebook, Wong Fu has generated a mass worldwide following.

Today, they work full-time creating online media, designing their Nice Guy T-shirt brand, and producing with other companies and artists. We’re pleased to present the official Wong Fu Productions followformation list, titled Wong Fu Friends, on Followformation’s iPhone app (click here to download). From artists like AJ Rafael and Far*East Movement, to Youtube stars like David Choi and HappySlip (Christine Gambito), WongFu Friends is filled with aspiring entertainers WongFu respects as professionals and as people.

If at the end of the day there’s someone out there who has a better day because of us, then we’ve succeeded.
                                                                    — Wong Fu Productions

Some featured works

Alyssa Bernal - Cali Cali Cali

ISA Concerts 2010


What is Followformation?

Followformation is a tool for novice Twitter users (we call them “chirpers”) to get started with following the top people in the categories of their interest, and top people in the cities in which they live in. You can call it Twitter’s suggested users feature on steroids, or even the Alltop for Twitter - with an opportunity for anyone to be a part of it.

Find the Twitter category that interests you and follow up to the top 50 tweeters in that category in just a few taps of your finger. We take away the hassle of having to go to everyone’s

To view and follow Wong Fu Friends in just a couple taps, download the Followformation iPhone application (iTunes), sign into your twitter account (we never store any login information), and find Wong Fu’s list right on our homepage. View their twitter list, then choose how many of them you’d like to follow! Click a button and you will instantly be following all of your chosen users.

Read more about Followformation here.

Followformation & OAuth. What does it mean?

A little while back, Twitter initiated what was dubbed the “OAuthcalypse”. This means that Twitter had deactivated all forms of authentication (including the traditional username password method that we have been using since Followformation’s launch, as we had initially theorized would increase usage through pure simplicity). 

Which means that as of now, Followformation web ceases to be operational. We are working hard to fix that and to release a new version that can operate on Twitter’s OAuth mechanism.

In the meantime however, you can still operate on Followformation’s existing platform by using our iPhone version, readily accessible at

Thanks so much! If you have any more questions/grief/concerns - please direct them to hello ‘at’

Follow Chirp with Followformation for iPhone

Big updates are here! We’re very excited to officially announce this today.

Followformation has pushed out its very own iPhone app! You can now follow all the top people on Twitter by location, interest, and soon many other things - all on the go. So why an iPhone app?

Here’s a breakdown by bulletpoints for improved efficiency and clarity:

  • Includes categories unique to followformation iPhone (Winter Olympics, SXSW, Chirp)
  • Preview each user’s profile in each category; read their tweets to get a better idea of who you’ll be following
  • Selectively uncheck certain users you don’t want 

And of course, Followformation iPhone still includes all original functionality provided by the original tool at

Here’s a bit more about Followformation iPhone’s special “category” feature: we’ve been adding cool categories pertinent to current events to our dynamic categories in the app. One of our focuses today is conferences. Conference attendees can easily find and connect with the most important speakers and other present attendees. In one tap, users can follow all the people they saw speaking on stage, or the people they personally spoke with. They can stay on top of the latest happenings during the conference. All on the go.

In this way, Followformation iPhone brings a deeper level of community and connection to conference go-ers, allowing them to quickly discover and connect with one another.

We started with SXSWi a couple months back, and now we’ve added Chirp to the mix. Chirp is the inaugural official Twitter developer conference held in San Francisco – notable speakers ranged from Twitter execs (@ev, @biz, @rsarver) to singers (@iamwill), D.C. (@whitehouse), VCs (@bijan, @VCMike, @pakman, @peterfenton), and many more! Notable attendees also included developers of Twitter’s missing app store, @oneforty.

Followformation iPhone gathers all these Tweeters (and more) into one place, allowing you to follow them all in one fell swoop.

Snatch up your copy of followformation iPhone today! Go to or search “followformation” in the Apple app store!

Top Followed Categories February - March 2010

Top Followed Categories February - March 2010

Closing Ceremonies: Fofo Olympic Edition

As marked by the extinguishing of the Olympic flame in Vancouver, the 2010 Winter Olympic games are now over. We’ve reverted Followformation back to the original default view: follow by interest; but we will preserve the Olympic category tab for the next week due to its popularity.

We hope you enjoyed the games as much as we did, Please do subscribe to our mailing list on the front page of our site to keep tabs on all of the special editions we do in the future!

Followformation Olympic Edition

Followformation olympics

Today we are pleased to announce the release of Followformation Olympic Edition! We’ve been working on this for the last little while and we’re proud to finally be able to show it off.

Followformation Olympic Edition is what it is: an olympic-focused edition of Followformation that has hand-curated categories with the best on Twitter that are tweeting about the Olympics, in the topics of your choice.

We are also pleased to announce the support of Mary McNeil, the Minister of State for the Olympics. We’re really excited to have her support. Followformation Olympic Edition is by far the best tool that anyone on Twitter can use to stay on top of the latest happenings during these “Twitter Olympics”. Please view her statement here.

Along with the release of Followformation Olympic Edition, we are also announcing the permanent addition of a new feature to Followformation: Follow by City. Follow by City features 21 of the top-ranked tweeting cities in the world and lists the top users in each city by influence.

Follow by City and Followformation Olympic Edition opens up two unique and powerful new advertising opportunities for tweeters that are interested in joining Followformation’s unique platform: the Formation. More information about this can be found here.

Followformation has been enjoying consistent growth over the past few months. We are proud to also reveal our internal growth count has hit 200,000 follows in the past 48 hours.

For more information about this new release, please feel free to e-mail

Followformation has updated its algorithm

We are happy to announce that Followformation has updated its aggregation algorithm to reflect a better pool of factors beyond follow count. Some of the factors considered are now follow/follower ratios, listed numbers, retweet ratios, and klout ranking. We’ll be tweaking things over the next few days so please bear with us and please feel free to report any bugs or issues if you see any.

So How is Followformation Better?

Just today, Twitter announced their new version of the “Suggested Users List”. We’re very happy that they’ve finally had the chance to sit down and map out an alarmingly similar tool that will help new users follow get started with Twitter. Complete with a “special” compiled “Haiti” category. Thanks guys!

So rather than let those quick-to-judge to jump on the “official” bandwagon, we’re listing out quick reasons below as to why Followformation is still a better user discovery tool. Let’s call this pre-emptive =)

  • Followformation allows you to follow groups of top users (in groups of 10, 20, up to 50, with a max limit of 100).
  • Followformation considers all users in the Twitter ecosystem with its automated categorization and ranking algorithm.
  • Followformation enables the discovery of an unlimited amount of topics. Just create a custom category.
  • Followformation enables an advertising system to help users that would not normally be on the “celebrity/popular person” crosshairs of Twitter to be able to gain exposure.
  • Followformation ultimately saves you time and helps the little guy.
  • Scoble likes us =).

And we’re happy to report that we’ve got some extremely exciting news to share with you next week related to a really large event that is occurring in Vancouver next month that will bring Followformation to the next level as a user discovery tool. We’re pumped.

Update: According to Techcrunch’s new article about Twitter’s new SUL, there is controversy about certain politicians being listed and others being omitted. Please note: Followformation’s algorithm is politically neutral.

Helping #Haiti the Followformation Way

Helping Haiti the Followformation Way

As you are well aware, the relief efforts in the wake of the Haiti earthquake needs your support. Today we are announcing the addition of a special category to the front page of Followformation in an effort to help raise awareness and help keep users informed of the latest news and updates from the devastated country. This category contains a list of curated Twitter accounts that range from media personnel on the ground, aid agencies, and relief workers.

The “donate now” link in the top alert bar will be linked to rotating aid agencies throughout the next few days. If you are Canadian, the Canadian Government has promised to match all donations up until February 12th. Please do your part and donate, and spread the word.

Do your part. #haiti

Do your part. #haiti